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Anything we do in business is about psychology.  If you want more customers, consumers, or clients, you need to understand thier behavior…that is psychology.  We know that people want to do business with businesses they “know, like and trust”, getting there and understanding how to develop those relationships require a more thorough understanding of…wait for it…psychology.

What about social media and the internet and your business?  This is where social media psychology and internet psychology are critical.  Yes, technology is changing and someone will always have a new SEO plan, yet if we focus on the psychology of what people are doing within social media platforms and on internet websites, you and your business will have a major benefit and advantage because people are far more stable in their interaction and behavior than all the technological changes.

Many times the lack of connection with consumers is simply because you do not understand who your consumer is, or what they really want.  As a consumer behavior specialist, we will help you better understand your consumer, clarify your target market, and help you develop systems to reach them, maintain them, and get referrals from them.

You may be like many businesses when it comes to trying to find a cost effective solution to increasing your business by going to conferences, and listening to people within your industry who claim to have found the low cost solution by using the internet and social media. Maybe you hired a web designer, or found a “canned” web solution where you are spending a large monthly fee, and your results are still not what you had hoped. You tried social media on your own, you created a profile on Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn® or some other platform, only to get discouraged or worse yet find all if, “just one more thing to do”.

Our job is to uncover the problems that are keeping your business from growing. We are focused on the systems that you currently have that are inhibiting you from reaching more customers, maintaining clients and increase referrals. We understand that with all of today’s emerging technologies that business owners like your self can be confused, frustrated, and have major reservations how any of these platforms fit into a business plan.

Our approach is simple, practical, and psychological. We spend our time working with you and your business and how to better connect with your intended consumer, increase customer response, and ultimately increase your business.

Have you ever asked any of these questions?

How can I increase my business?
How can I get  more customers?
How can I get  more referrals?
Why is my website not generating customers?
How do you use social media in a way that makes sense?
How can I make my team run more efficiently and effectively?
How can I improve my customer service?
What is wrong with my sales people?
What is wrong with my marketing?

If you have asked any of these questions then you need help? That’s our job, let the Internet Doctor® help you diagnose the problem, prescribe solutions, and train you how to use confusing technology and techniques to make your business grow.