What are Prescriptions?

Prescriptions are the suggested course of action you or your business should take in order to become more healthy. Like any doctor would do I have to make a diagnosis of you and your business problem. Yes, I said you, because quite frankly you can and most likely are part of the problem.  If you are looking for some of my written prescriptions you can go to Internet Doctor Prescriptions and find my articles and videos.

Diagnostics are not easy, and they also are not well liked by the business owner. When we diagnosis a problem, I generally find that there are occasions when some people do not like my diagnosis. I am sure when a doctor tells their patient your overweight and you need to change their diet they feel very much the same way. How much of a disservice would a doctor be to their patient if they did not say the hard things. The patient would die. The same is true of my prescriptions. I will tell you the difficult things. I may diagnose you or your business as obese and it needs a diet, or your meetings are like a staff infection eating away at your staff, or your leadership is schizophrenic and you have no concept in reality. Like any diagnosis, whether you like it or not we all need to have someone objective, with specific knowledge and skills to give us the news and help us get better.

Then prescribing a solution is the next step. Some people do not agree with the solution to the problem. I have found that some people believe they know what is best for themselves. They are sick, they want help, but only if the help confirms their suspicions We call the “confirmation bias”. We only like hearing what is consistent with our beliefs. So, when they go to the doctor, and the doctor tells them they need to cut out breads, pasta, and wine they get mad and they will do something else, but not what they are told to do. They struggle because they did not listen. They never get better, but they still blame the doctor, because his prescription was not what they wanted to hear or more importantly…do. Like any prescription if you do not follow them exactly, consistently, and fully they typically do not work. That is not the doctors fault, that is a patient problem.

Like a prescription from a medical doctor there are several similarities:

    • A prescription is only to solve a problem or a couple not all your problems
    • A prescription sometimes is intended to relieve the symptoms so to see the real problem
    • A prescription only will work if you follow through and follow through consistently
    • A prescription is typically a small part of the treatment program
    • A prescription for one person may not work for another we are all unique
    • A prescription may be a combination of multiple things
    • A prescription may be an entire treatment program for you and your business
    • Any prescription requires accountability and follow up

While I completely understand no one enjoys going to the doctor, they are necessary for us to get better. If you are struggling with your business, getting new customers, losing customers to the competition, or just do not feel good about where your business is going, maybe it is time for a second opinion. A second set of objective eyes that will help you and your business get healthy.