Speaking & Training

Every service listed is devoted to helping your business increase the bottom line. These services are in house training, that means we come to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Customers Thru Conversations
Can be done in groups or individually. This course focuses on social media and your business.  I give you psychological principles and insights about how the user uses the different platforms, how to connect with them, and how for little or zero dollars you can transform these friends, followers, and connection into real clients that come back for more and bring their friends.

We are a Garden Salad NOT a Melting Pot
This is a one or two day training course on how to work with people that are not like you. We focus on understanding other cultures, teamwork issues with other cultures, and how to improve your communication skills.

Becoming the Leader You Never Knew
What are the qualities of a leader? Are leaders made, born, or just skilled? What are the skills of a good leader? Who does good leadership apply to you as a manager? More importantly how can your sales people be better at leading their clients? Have you even considered leading customers to making them clients?

From Customer to Client
Training on how to better understand Consumer behavior and what you can do as a business to ensure that your potential customers become your most devoted clients.

Conquering Conflict
One day training on how to manage and overcome issues of conflict. We live in conflict everyday. What is the best way to stay ahead of the conflict and avoid it. When it does come, and it will how so you handle it?

Careers Through Conversations
This is a brand new one day course for people who are out of work looking to jump start a new career. This training will take you from the foundations of building social media profiles and how to use them to help you find your next career.

Education Through Conversations

In this course I help educators understand how to use social media as part of the classroom experience.  We focus on adapting the classroom into a more digital world where students want to be a part, want to learn, and involve their friends.

Customer Conversion Traps

Do you know why you do not convert those phone calls into clients?  Do you know why your not converting your internet prospects into clients?  Perhaps you have fallen into a trap.  There are many traps when it comes to converting real people into real business.

Why Goals Fail, and Why You Need to Stop Setting Them

Only a very small percentage of people ever realize their goals.  The percentage is so small in fact that there really is no reason to set them.  The real fact is goal setting does not work.  However, if you learn to change small things in your behavior, over the course of a year, you will find that over time you achieve more than you have ever imagined.