What Others Say

Lindsey Hasford

“Jay was an incredible encouragement to my business! He gave me the push that I needed in just the right direction to motivate and run toward my goals. He helped me define realistic goals for my business and helped me create an innovative course of action in order to get there quickly without upsetting the balances of my business or life. I can’t thank him enough for the great value that he has been to my business!”

Bob Watral, CFP, CDFA

“Working in a competitive field, I wanted to increase traffic on my website. Jay certainly lived up to his title, “Internet Doctor.” He made specific recommendations to me as to what words and phrases to use in order to “maximize” visits to my website. They have paid off handsomly. Thanks Jay!”

Cameron Knowles

“I have been through Jay’s social media for marketing presentations and was quite impressed with his understanding of the media, and connecting its use to the bottom line. He was patient with all range of questions from novice to expert users, and delivered a lot of value with innovative and practical solutions that could be implemented immediately. People left the session already benefiting from the techniques Jay showed them.”

Paul Fitts

“Jay takes the time to thoroughly understand the needs of his clients, and tries to find the best solution to fit those needs. He’s friendly and worked well with my team. I would be glad to recommend him to any company who’s in the market to hire him.”

Jay Jennings

“Jay Izso is one of the most creative, inventive and “outside-the-box” thinkers I’ve ever known. He continually provides tremendous insights, especially in the area of social media and networking.”

Coco Clayman-Cook

“Jay was instrumental in helping me to evolve my company websites to a level in which they produced leads and provided content and information that made the internet consumer/buyers want to contact me as an agent. Over the years he has become more than a coach, advisor, and mentor – he has become a friend and one of the few people out there in the internet world that keeps their word, has incredible knowledge and integrity and is always up to date with the latest technology that can only help me and others stay up to date. As a Broker and successful realtor my job is to be out selling real estate and having Jay I don’t have to worry about keeping up to date on the latest technology as Jay does. He also knows me well enough to calm me down, and has become truly My Internet Doctor. I cannot recommend him enough. Anyone that works with Jay is lucky to be able to work with him as he is a gift from the universe – I am so grateful to have him in my life as he has helped to skyrocket my career and I will never stop working with him – at this point he is like family -”

Brad Barbour, CPA

“Jay provides a unique insight into your business and offers creative solutions to highlight your best attributes. The result is a clear and concise message to current and prospective clients.”

Judith Reed

“Thank you Jay, I never dreamed asking if I could sit in a chair near you would become a life changing opportunity. You took my passion and dreams and taught me: from the truth about people, how to market, narrow my range and the truth about succeeding in business. The two hours I spent with you moved me forward at a pace I only dreamed about. Today, not even a week later, I have filed for a Trademark, business cards are at the printer, business plan completed, budget completed, and there are serious interested funding sources. Jay, you are an amazing person! Thank you for changing my life and for teaching me how to use my passion to succeed. I will owe you forever!”